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Integrated Drilling Intelligence

Welcome to NOVOS | NOV's Process Automation System

Safe and scalable integration of drilling intelligence into NOV control systems.

NOVOS™ is a simple-to-install process-automation platform that helps the driller to step back from the repetitive complexities of machine and process control. The system serves as a link between the two activities in order to ease the burden on the driller, resulting in safer and more efficient well construction. NOVOS, which can be added to an existing rig in as little as 12 hours, provides a common platform for the control, monitoring, scheduling, and optimization of drilling operations. Structuring data and defining activities through process automation enables engineers to develop lessons learned and apply best practices across regions and rig fleets regardless of rig specifications or location.

A constant stream of incoming data and tasks that need attention can threaten to overwhelm the driller. NOVOS eases this burden, resulting in safer and more efficient well construction.


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